Sphere is an artist collective. Sphere’s work explores the complicated relationship between virtual and physical objects, actions, and identities, giving concrete form to vague landscapes of networked activity. Sculptures and drawings portray a density and confusion along with structured beauty that toys with the notion of abstraction as encryption. The viewer or participant is offered a brief sense of agency, peppered with uncertainty, within the largely invisible systems of virtual financial currency and the dark web.

Sphere’s work has been exhibited and presented in traditional galleries as well as prominent festivals and conferences including The World Maker Faire, New York City, NY; The Digital Games Research Association Annual Summit, Salt Lake City, UT; Chicago Games as Art and Culture, Dittmar Memorial Gallery, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL; and Stimulus/Response/Affect, exhibition and symposium, Oakland Univeristy, Rochester, MI.


Brian Patrick Franklin

Chris Wille

Melanie Scott–Dockery

All works Sphere 2010–

Creative Commons License