"Dark Web" is an exhibition of work by the Sphere new media artist group addressing security and privacy in our electronic era and is composed of a series of work: Dark Web v.01, Dark Web v.02, Dark Web v.03, Dark Web v.04, and Dark Web v.05. Each of these works approach the role and function of the TOR network, an important tool for maintaining anonymity on the internet, from varying angles seeking to give a physical and emotional presence to the activity traveling through the network itself. Forming the centerpiece of the exhibition on a pedestal in the middle of the gallery is a computer running a TOR node and a monitor displaying real time statistics of the traffic that is passing through it. As these raw numbers slide across the monitor they form the underlying structure of the sculptures and drawings throughout the gallery.

Dark Web v.01 (Here be Dragons) enters this dialogue of security and privacy with the gesture of procedurally generated lock and key sets based on anonymous activity from anonymous users in anonymous locations throughout the world. The level of activity passing through the TOR node is translated with 3D software into a unique pattern of teeth on a key and a corresponding padlock that can only be opened with that key. Approximately 60 lock and key sets are 3D printed and hung in three rows, ready to be taken home and put into the world by visitors to the gallery.

Dark Web v.02 Button

Dark Web v.01 (Here Be Dragons)

Dark Web v.01 (Here Be Dragons), 3D printed PLA plastic

Dark Web v.01 (Here Be Dragons) detail

Dark Web v.01 (Here Be Dragons), detail

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